About Little Learners

My name is Brooke, and I am excited that my family and I get to provide these amazing boxes to families every month.  As a busy mom of 2, I get what its like to juggle mom, work, and kids! Little ones crave play and learning.  They are so curious and ready to learn so much that its hard to keep up with them! 

I started homeschooling when my children were 5 and 2.  I needed to be able to occupy the toddler so I could focus on helping my 5 year old ...or even to cook dinner or get ready for the day! I didn't want to just sit her in front of the TV, but I needed something ready to go that I could just pull out! I was always looking for and creating activities with a high educational value. Little Learners Busy Boxes are just the thing to help with that!  Now my kids are older, and I want to help other busy moms out there by sharing my experience and creating engaging, reusable, fun activities for preschoolers!

As a former director of a Pre-K through 6th educational co-op, I understand the importance of learning through play as well as the essential skills needed for preschool & kindergarten. More importantly, I understand the need to have quick, simple, and entertaining activities that are easy to clean up and store! 

Ready for some playful learning?