How It Works

When you sign up for Little Learner Busy Box, you will receive a box full of learning fun to keep your 2-4 year old busy! 

Step 1

Choose a Plan

Our busy boxes can be ordered a month at a time or by prepaying for 3, 6, or 12 months.  Prepaid plans are great for gift subscriptions! All plans automatically renew unless you cancel. These boxes can be shared by siblings, so if you have 2 little learners, just one box should be plenty for them both.

Step 2

Get your Box

We ship out between the 5-8th of each month so you'll know when to expect your new box! When you open your box, take a moment to read the insert to get tons of ideas and ways to use the activities!  Children LOVE getting mail!  They will enjoy receiving their special package each month.  Many families put the child's name on the subscription so they know it is special for them! 

Step 3

Learn & Play

Your little one will beg for their boxes! When you need to keep your little one busy, pull out a box and let them play! When you can, (and with younger learners) take time to use the time to teach important preschool skills by playing together!  You can also pull a couple of the bags out of the box and put in your bag when heading to a restaurant, doctor's appointment, or anywhere your child needs something to engage with.

Why You Need Busy Boxes

Busy Mornings - Are you busy getting older kids off to school? Or just getting the day started? Your little one is probably under-foot...use our busy boxes to give them a fun (and educational) activity while you conquer the morning! 

Homeschool Moms - If you homeschool (like I do) then you'll definitely need busy boxes to keep the little one busy (and working on those preschool skills) while you're working with the big kids!

Restaurants - Yep! Take the busy box with you! These are so easy to grab and go...or you can just bring a couple of their favorite activities.

Sick Days - not them...YOU! When mom is sick, the world goes on and that means the full-of-energy preschooler! Busy boxes are great to pull out on a table (or floor) nearby so you can rest while they play! 

Ready to give your little one a reason to keep busy?