How It Works

When you sign up for Little Learner Busy Box, you will receive a box full of learning fun to keep your 2-4 year old busy! 

Step 1

Choose a Plan

Our busy boxes can be ordered a month at a time or by prepaying for 3, 6, or 12 months.  Prepaid plans are great for gift subscriptions! All plans automatically renew unless you cancel. 

Step 2

Get your Box

We ship out between the 5-8th of each month so you'll know when to expect your new box! When you open your box, take a moment to read the insert to get tons of ideas and ways to use the activities!

Step 3

Learn & Play

Your little one will beg for their boxes ( I know mine does!) When you need to keep your little one busy, pull out a box and let them play! When you can, take time to use the time to teach important preschool skills by playing together!

Why You Need Busy Boxes

Busy Mornings - Are you busy getting older kids off to school? Or just getting the day started? Your little one is probably under-foot...use our busy boxes to give them a fun (and educational) activity while you conquer the morning! 

Homeschool Moms - If you homeschool (like I do) then you'll definitely need busy boxes to keep the little one busy (and working on those preschool skills) while you're working with the big kids!

Restaurants - Yep! Take the busy box with you! Since our boxes come in a handy plastic tub, they are easy to grab and go...or you can just bring a couple of their favorite activities.

Sick Days - not them...YOU! When mom is sick, the world goes on and that means the full-of-energy toddler! Busy boxes are great to pull out on a table (or floor) nearby so you can rest while they play! 

Ready to give your little one a reason to keep busy?